CPU Temerature reading unavailable after update


I upgraded from Core 2023.11 to 2024.1.2 and had to # my ping config in configuration.yaml. Now the CPU temperature isn’t reading. I can’t work out what is wrong, and C&P the code into the Developer Tool Template doesn’t make it work either ! So it’s something deeper that I can’t work out.

The CPU reading has worked fine for years previously to this update. It also doesn’t work with lines 13 to 18 un# either and works ok again if I roll it back.

Not sure how to upload code into a topic, so here’s a screenshot instead.

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TY but it needs the latest version and / or configuration from the .yaml but no actual instruction how to config it

  - platform: command_line

is deprecated. Use

  - sensor:
      unique_id: '202401071548'
      name: CPU
      unit_of_measurement: "°C"
      # scan_interval integer (optional, default: 60)
      command: "cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp"
      value_template: |
        {{ value | multiply(0.001) | round(1,default=1) }}

  - platform: system_monitor

is also deprecated. Comment the entry in your configuration.yaml and restart HA. Then go to Integrations, there should be automatically appear „System Monitor“

Thanks for your replies, help and suggestions. Nothing seems to work to resolve this so I have rolled back to 2023.11, and I’ll keep it there since it works as intended until I can find more information.

@pedolsky I C&P the new code for the CPU T into the Template and received an error:

Anyway my HA setup is working again so that’ll do for now.


The command line sensor receives its value from the command payload. You can’t test the value template in Developer Tools.

Ah - TY

so I just added your previous Code into my config.yaml and that produces a result :slight_smile: