CPU usage - continuesly 35%


at the beginning sorry for my english.

I’ve installed HA on Virtual Machine on my Synology DS718+ (Celeron J3455 @ 1.50GHz).
VM / HA is consuming continuesly 35% of CPU - mostly by python3 service

Please let me know that is ok value or not?
Is there any way to check python usage deeply?

Thank you in advance.

Anyone can help me?

Have a look here:

HA core py-spy search

Maybe check any addon cpu usage. I have an issue with the Signal Messenger addon taking up 26% CPU when using rest-rpc mode. I figured this out from the addon cpu graph.
When I stopped it or changed mode my PI4 CPU dropped to about 8 percent with lots of addons, integrations and automations.

I disabled all addons and CPU load is 30%… How to solve it?

Plain disableling addons that integrations try to communicate with is probably also causing a lot of errors/cpu, so that is not per say a good way. Could you see if one was taking up a lot of cpu while running?

No, All addons consume ~5% (max 10)

Then it’s likely not the addons. Have you tried setting the logging to log a bit more and look at the errors/warnings.

ok, i’ve log file (30MB) but how to read it?

i think i found solution.

i uninstalled Xiaomi Map Extractor from HACS and now CPU load is between 10-15%