Crash ! and not able to re install

I need help !
I crashed hassio probably because of miss config during duckdns config.
Hassio is installed on docker

I de active auto restart hassio,
remove all containers and images
and install again (from scratch)

Now the hassio start, but I have no web ui running.
Here is the container list

sudo docker container list
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                          COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS               NAMES
7f899f7e93cc        homeassistant/intel-nuc-homeassistant:0.99.2   "/bin/ pytho…"   35 minutes ago      Up 35 minutes                           homeassistant
741927707adf        homeassistant/amd64-hassio-dns:1               "coredns -conf /conf…"   37 minutes ago      Up 37 minutes                           hassio_dns
60b78d7a070e        homeassistant/amd64-hassio-supervisor          "/bin/ pytho…"   42 minutes ago      Up 37 minutes                           hassio_supervisor

In the homeassistant container log I see logs from my old confg ! it is not from scratch !
How can i restore config from scratch or solve the web ui ?
the port 8123 is open (nmap)

Many thanks for your help
Best regards

what i don’t understand is:
I stop hass services
I remove all docker container
I remove all images
I re install hass on docker
I receive a mail from hass automation from my old config !
Is that possible to re install from scratch ? or modify scripts from docker ?

I am near to re install the machine…
very disapointed…

Best regards

Do you have persistent files configured? (Where the config would be)

What commands did you use?

$ docker volume ls
$ docker volume rm my_volume

You realize your files are stored in a directory on the host OS, right?

/usr/share/homeassistant or Hassio. I can’t remember which directory exactly…

it seems we have to exec into the homeassistant docker container to find the problem.
the command is :
# docker container exec homeassistant /bin/bash
after this you will find yourself within the container
and you could still see logs from outside of the container using:
# docker logs homeassistant
I am suspecting a malfunctioning component halt the startup and HA just stop .

The log file is in the same location as the config directory. .

so where is your log details?

I’m not the one with the issue. The OP asked to start over from scratch and doesn’t realize the files are on the host and just need to be moved/deleted. The OP can either look at the log file and fix the issue, or delete/move the config directory files and start over.

sorry, i thought you are the one asking:dizzy_face:

@vormsty if you are using hassio then the default location for homeassistant /config folder on the host machine would be /mnt/data/supervisor/homeassistant

edit the file on host folder then restart HA container would work if your configuration is correct

As I already stated, based on them talking about installing it in docker, the path is /use/share/homeassistant

thanks for your reply.
I understand after rebuilded my machine that because I installed duckdns and my router is not able to forward, I can’t join the machine from local network.
If samba is not installed, hassio became unrechable from my knoledge…
May be an remark can help many beginners…

Best regards