Crashes every 5 minutes?

Hi everyone, I’ve enjoyed setting up Home Assistant to control my Lutron and Hue systems; it’s a great platform and I’m grateful to this community for making it available.

After running successfully for a week or so, I’ve started to see a pattern where Home Assistant crashes every 5 minutes. If I power-cycle the Pi it’ll stay up for 1-4 hours, then resume its every 5 minute restarts. The history graphic below illustrates what’s going on.

I’m running the Hue and Lutron Pro integrations, and was running the Ring and Roku integrations as well but removed them because they were throwing lots of timeout errors. At points I’ve seen error messages from Node-RED that seem to suggest I’m passing non-text output to a node that expects text input, but I can’t imagine that’s causing this, and none of those routines run every 5 minutes.

I’ve poked around in the logs but can’t find any logs that seem to persist through the shutdowns and restarts. Any ideas as to what this could be, or suggestions for how I can get to logs that might show what’s going on?

You can plug a monitor into your pi and see the full logs from begin to restart

Thanks! Didn’t realize I could do that.

Preliminary idea: I think the Updater integration may have been causing the crashes. I disabled it, and the system has been stable ever since. I’ll keep an eye on it.