Create a button in the Overview window

I want to create a button in the Overview window.
What I have done so far is that I have created a Scenes and Scripts. I know the Script is working, when pressing Run it does what I except. The Scenes I have created I can add in the Overview screen under an area. In the created Scenes I have added the Script.

When clicking the Activate in the Overview screen northing happens.

Hmmm, I guess that not the way to do it - or?
How can a made my own button in the Overview screen so I can run one or more e.g. scripts?

I don’t think this is the correct way, but I don’t do scenes or scripts.
The overview is a “Dashboard”, and you can have more than one. Here’s mine. I have one called “Overview” (the default) and one named “Home”:


To add buttons, or any cards (everything on the dashboard is a card), you click on the kebab menu on the right of the dashboard:


Then click on “Edit Dashboard”.

Next you click on “Add Card” at the bottom right. What you want is a button card.


Yes I’m new in this world :slight_smile:
Also the terms I have to learn.

It give sense to create a new Dashboard, a Dashboard with my IP-Cams and have now created it. My next task will be to learn to remove devices from the native Dashboard and add it to my new Dashboard.
I have created my REO on the new Dashboard now but do not now how to remove it from the native Dashboard.
My Foscam is not that integrated in HA so here I must dick deeper how to do it.
The scripts was also made to handle the Foscam.

Maybe have one native Dashboard and create two new. I can see that in the new Dashboard I can delete the Cards.

I am still learning. Mostly guessing and when not called out, I guessed right.

You don’t need multiple dashboards, but multiple views on one dashboard. (I only have two dashboards by accident.)

add a view

Don’t forget to click on “Done” to close the dashboard editor.

Easily done:

move to view