Create a clickable link to a HA script

Hi can someone advise on how go access a button on HA via a link. I have a shell command set up and a script that has an “activate” button to open my driveway gate. Is it possible to create a direct link to that to forward to a family member so they can just click the link I forward to them to open the gate? I do have HA configured for remote access via DNS already.

if HA is pasword protected, that is probably not possible without providing that password.
and in that case you give away youre complete HA.

but it should be possible to create a html page on the internet which functions as a sensor/switch.
if that is changed an automation can be triggered to open youre gate.

Does the gate have any other API options? Maybe you could bypass HA and use something like IFTTT with their “Do” button app.

Hi rpitera basically the gate opens with a rf signal i have a script that HA calls via shell command

I’m still thinking that you may be able to trigger the HA shell script using the IFTTT component and then use a “Do” button to execute it.

Create a family IFTTT account, let each member install the app on the phone. It even has a home screen widget and Android Wear support.

Thanks I managed to figure out a way if I use rfoutlet by timleland to control the gate I can bypass HA and use the rfoulet webserver easily accessible via my DNS.

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