Create a device tracker from template?

Hi guys, wondered if it was possible to use an existing sensor to create a template device tracker?

I have the app and report my gps location and WiFi network. Sometimes I blip out of my GPS zone so get set away for short periods - I wanted to create a device tracker based on the reported WiFi network as this seems rock solid and would negate me going ‘away’.

Is this possible?

You can just use a device tracker that keeps track of if you’re connected to your wifi network. The ubiquiti unifi integration has this feature built in, otherwise you can look up “device tracker” in the docs for an example of how to configure it for netgear. I imagine other APs are similar.

Was discussed here lately:

Perfect, thanks! All setup in the space of 5mins, and a simple Node-Red on/off to control.

I didn’t go down the router path as the integration for the TP-Link Deco routers is very unreliable.

So we still don’t know how to create a device_tracker entity out of a template sensor as you decided to go another path… What a pity.