Create a docker API implementation to support addons without HASS.IO

I am running home assistant on a synology NAS which has a very nice GUI to manage docker instances and make it very easy to setup a domain name with SSL support (using cloudflare for certificates and the synology GUI for reverse proxy) and everything works super nicely

However it’s still very time consuming to create and configure docker containers for every addon I need

As I understood is a complete system that cannot run within a docker container because it need to have control over docker to create containers every time you install addons

So what if we added a way to configure a docker api to manage docker in home assistant and this would make the addon section appear and it will use this api to manage all the docker containers it needs for the addons

Basically porting all hassOS functionalities to the docker api instead of linux deamons working in with commands, so we can get automatic update, addons etc

That would be a nice feature for all the docker enthusiast out there who run home assistant in docker

I’ll be first to admit that I don’t 100% know the answer to this:

Doesn’t HassIO run in Docker? So isn’t the solution you are looking for just to run HassIO in your NAS’s Docker instead of straight HA?

Nope HassIO doesn’t run in Docker, it runs docker
Home assistant is the one running in docker

So to run hassio you need to give full control of your linux install to some hassio utilities, which will likely not work if installed in the synology os (custom linux with a lot of commands and programs missing, doesn’t have apt etc, I tried never made it past step 1: install requirements)

However it might be possible to have nested docker installs and as such to run HassOS in a docker container that will hypervise it’s own docker

Although that might be very weird to manage if I need to access the command line and there is no docker image of this yet

I’m pretty sure that isn’t correct.

HassOS runs Docker.

HassIO is just a version of HA that runs in a docker container that has the ability to run add-ons.

HassOS is operating system in itself.

You can install Hassio in Docker on any generic Linux machine so it isn’t an operating system.

I think maybe both correct. HassOS is the minimal OS that runs Docker. HassIO is a supervisor that runs in Docker but needs enhanced OS level permissions in order to control its Docker environment. HA runs in a Docker.

And yes, I run HassIO in Docker on top of Ubuntu. Which is why I think you might be able to do similar on NAS. But if the enhanced permissions aren’t available in the NAS os, then HassIO won’t be very functional.

I’m definitely very interested in this but really have very limited knowledge of how Docker and suchlike works :frowning: I used to use HassIO on a Pi and now followed the tutorials to get HA running on a QNAP NAS Docker instance. It generally works really well but I do miss the extras that HassIO had!

Have a look here, maybe?

Nice, I’ll definitely give it a try