Create a hidden automation

i would like to make an automation or script which triggers on a zigbee window sensor, but which isn’t visible in the UI, and which therefore can’t easily be disabled by other users.

of course it would always be possible to disable this from configuration.yaml but in my case i don’t think that is really a problem.

If the account you made for the other user has “Users” privileges, as opposed to “Administrators”, they will be unable to view/modify/create automations, scripts, scenes, etc.

they are “Administrators” at the moment, though maybe i should just change that to regular “Users”…

Converting their accounts from Administrator to User would be the most effective means of hiding the things you don’t want them to see or change.

i was just hoping there would be another way to have some under-the-hood automations

Go to menu Configuration > Automations & Scenes. The displayed list allows you to disable an automation but not hide it from the list.