Create a new sensor with lower frequency

Hi all,
I have a temperature sensor that reports every second. Is there some way to create a new sensor that takes the value of that sensor on a less frequently (e.g. every 10 minutes)?
I was thinking of an automation that runs every 10 minutes and takes the value of a sensor and writes it into another sensor, but I haven’t been successful through the automations interface.
Many thanks!

Check the filter sensor

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Thank you for the response. However this will not create a new sensor on top of the one that I already have (and want to keep). Is this correct?

That is correct, this would be a new sensor.

You can’t control with home assistant the update interval of each device. I think it is not possible either to add sensors as attributes to devices as extra. The device need to create it’s own attributes.

What is your use case having these sensors combined? What is the device reporting the value, one second interval sound a bit fast.

I have an AEOTEC multisensor 6. You can set the reporting frequency for all the parameteres together, not for each parameter. So if I want to change the reporting frquency for temperature I will also change it for the motion detection that would have a delay and defeat its purpose.

The need of a temperature sensor with lower frequency is dictated by the interface TileBoard that requires too many resources to show history graphs with such a high frequency andnumber of datapoints, making the page rendering very slow.

Do you have polling enabled for that sensor? I’d guess it works without polling as well?

It’s a zwave device, it sends data at the interval you decide but for all the sensors together (motion detection, light, temperature, humidity, etc.)

I think something is wrong on the configuration of that device but the original topic.

It still creates the sensors as separate and not as an attribute of one device? Why it is bad thing in your case to create one sensor more with the filter sensor?

For me it’s fine to create a new sensor - I just didn’t understat that using filter I will actually create a new sensor that does not overwrite the previous sensor.

It also sends automaticaly data for each parameter when it needs to, for instance for the motion detection or change of temperature.

For battery powered ZWave device, it is best to set a polling frequency in hours : 1, 2, 6, 12, 24… up to you. But certainly not 1 sec ! or your battery won’t last very long.

Yes, the Filter sensor will actually create a new sensor, so you will have 2 sensors available : the original ‘raw’ sensor and the filteded one.

Aaah then it is my solution! Thank you so much I had no clue it was this simple. I’ll just go through the documentation.
PS: the zwave device is USB powered :slight_smile: