Create a "paid" service/hardware sub-forum

There is Nabu Casa, the paid cloud service, and Home Assistant Blue (which I guess fall under the Nabu Casa umbrella as well) that are paid services/hardware, and thus deserve specific support.

Just forwarding those paying customers to the general forum doesn’t feel right, neither for them nor for the forum members which kind-of ensure after-sale support.

This request to at least create a “Nabu Casa” or similar sub-forum, if anything for the actual after-sale support (if there is any) to easily find relevant posts.

What you are saying create a closed sub-forum for payed customers?
I have nabucasa, had few support tickets with them and was forwarded to the forum. But the forum have more user base than the closed payed customers. I don’t see any good reason for this FR. If you have HAB then i guess you just ask the nabucasa directly as you purchaes from them right?

Nabu Casa have a support contact for paying customers.

There is no requirement to use Nabu Casa with this hardware so I don’t see how you come to that conclusion. Because the profits go to supporting the developers like the profit from Nabu Casa?

I don’t have an issue with more forum Categories if they make things clearer, however this will still be mainly supported by volunteers. i.e. having the category, and paying for the Home Assistant Blue hardware is not a right to support by developers here.

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Not only that, but it would raise the expectation that devs have to respond to issues instead of developing.

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That’s interesting. I’ve pointed a few forum members to the Nabu Casa support contact when they could not get help here. Hopefully they weren’t ping-ponged back again.

no no all the tickets i had were sorted out :slight_smile: <3


Be it devs or anyone, it is generally my expectation to get support when I buy a product or service.

Now, I didn’t know there actually was a ticketing system for the cloud service.
Seeing the decent number of threads regarding cloud issues, I didn’t expect this.

From a recent thread, it appears that the Blue troubleshooting directly redirect to the forums.

yes there is a ticket system for the cloud service, but it’s just for the cloud service. Issues outside the cloud service are pushed here. As you can imagine, people don’t realize this and create general home assistant tickets against the cloud service.

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I agree. You have the right to hardware support when you have issues with the HA Blue hardware. Support for the software that runs on it would be impossible though.

Not sure where is the line between “Devs” and “Nabu Casa” to be honest. Aren’t all full-time devs under the Nabu Casa umbrella?

IIRC, there’s 1 guy who supports nabucasa. Everyone else is under the HA umbrella.

There are paid developers supported by profits from Nabu Casa and there are a whole bunch more volunteer developers (thanks!).

The team:

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As an example:

Are Dell or HP responsible for supporting the software run on their PC hardware?

Fair enough.
Final query: Who’s actually supporting the Blue hardware, then? Odroid, directly?

I mean, it’s just an odroid. IIRC there’s nothing extra with it, just a case. Not sure if it even has HA preinstalled.

I’d say the vendor you purchased it from but do not know for sure.

From Struggling to Start , I assumed so, but it could be otherwise as well

If you have problems with Windows, Microsoft will tell you you have an OEM license, and redirect you to Dell or HP. For 3th party software, you have to call the ISV.

Institute of Surveyors Victoria?

(sorry, I really have no idea what that acronym stands for).

Oh, found it further down in the search results. Independent Software Vendor.

Independent Software Vendor

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