Create a picture-entity from Custom Template Sensor

I have created a Template Sensor that shows a URL as it’s status when it is active (For those who know PS5mqtt, the Title_Image attribute).

Now I want to make a Picture Entity Card for this Template sensor. From what I’ve seen, you need to make a Camera entity for it. How would I do that? The URL is external (Playstation actually hosts the image).

I already have a similar entity from Playnite (which also uses MQTT) that does somewhat the same thing, but I’m unsure how to do it manually (Playnite has a MQTT addon which I just punch in my server info).

Images to help understand: How do I make a picture entity in Home Assistant? - Album on Imgur

Example of the PS5 activity Title_Image URL that is received:

Hi, should be a picture card for a special reason? If not I do same thing, in my case for the Xbox, with a button card. I’m still working on it, want to add the name of the game but the base showing the image works. Can copy the code now with the phone but if you need it I’ll do when arrived home.

this actually works. Now, can you set the background of the card as the image?

I did not try but maybe with

- type: custom:button-card
                - background: url('')
                - background-size: cover

And replacing the url address with the return code

EDIT: working perfect with

    - background: |
        return 'url('+ states[''].state +')'

Just a heads up, Button Card has aspect_ratio: as an option. There is no need to mod the card.