Create a smart greeting for individual roommates

A forewarning, I apologize very much for my lack of knowledge as I am just a beginner to Home Assistant, and all I have at my disposal so far is a first-gen Raspberry Pi and a comfortable knowledge of Python, but I am very willing to learn and expand my knowledge.
Without delving too deep into details, I will soon be sharing an apartment with three other roommates (college). I would like to bring something cool to the table, hence my interest in converting my apartment into a smart apartment, starting with my first challenge: smart greetings.
This is what I would like to do, in pseudo-code form:

IF roommate phone is detected within proximity (likely in the form of connecting to a cheap bluetooth beacon, as wifi is not room-specific within the building and location is not accurate enough for a medium sized apartment)

THEN individual ID of phone is recognized (iOS and Android, so no Tasker use for us), triggering a custom wav file to play through a speaker, depending on the individual, greeting them “Welcome home, (name)”

Has anyone had any projects similar to this, or does anyone have any advice they could give to steer me into the initial right direction? Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but I am very willing to learn more so I can have a set up ready to go once I move in, in a couple of months.

You could use your python knowledge to write your automations using appdaemon rather than yaml.

The api has a good selection of presence helper functions to detect who is home, and you can call services to do the actual announcement.

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If you’re nee to HA my suggestion is to start off with yaml to get to know the basics first.

Here is some additional reading

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This information is super helpful guys. I’ll be honest, after poring over different articles and projects for hour, this seems pretty daunting to a newcomer, but I think these will help a lot.