Create a Switch Node to interact with Home assistant


i’m lost

From node-red, quite easy to get sensor value, to create sensors, or to activate switches

I try to create a switch :

In HA, the entity appears, i can control it :

but when i toggle it from HA, the state of node switch on/off in blue, but no messages get out of the HA node, so i cannot use it my schemes.

What’s wrong?

switch node diverts message to up or bottom output based on its state. if it is on, the message goes to upper output and if it is off, goes to 2nd output. if you want to start an automation based on the switch, then use trigger node. so 2 different use cases:

Thank you

i think i’ve got a bug as no message goes out

so i use another node to listen to state change :slight_smile:

Thanks again