Create an export of the current state of my house


I am looking for a way to export the current state of my house in a human readable format. So something like (but not limited to):

  • In the Living room are 3 lights on, the television is on and is playing Netflix.
  • The temperature in the living room is 18 degrees celsius.
  • In the bedroom the lights are off

I want to use this as a pre-prompt for a Large Language Model and be able to ask questions about my house. I have no idea where to start from a Home Assistant perspective. I thinking about a way to get an export of specific entities from my house in a yaml format and process it from there to something more suitable for an LLM.

Any recomendations?

A good starting point would probably use the File notify to create the file

Then, up to you to output in whatever format via its value_template