Create automation trigger from Logbook entry

I’ve been using Home Assistant for a while but still really struggle with some simple things, like creating reliable automations.

The first thing I do when I create an automation is try to figure out how to trigger it. The easiest way to do that is to do the thing you want to use as the trigger (e.g. push a button, walk in front of the motion sensor) and then look at the Logbook to a) make sure the triggering event was recorded, and b) to see how HA recorded the event or state change or whatever the device produced.

But I really want to be able to automatically create an Automation directly from the Logbook entry, with that recorded event/state change or whatever it was, populated as the Trigger for your new automation.

Can we get a ‘Create Automation with this Trigger’ button added to the Logbook popup that would do this ?

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You don’t even need to do any of that if you create a Device Automation. It will tell you exactly what can be done with the device in advance.

Here’s an example of a switch containing many sensors. Discovering all of this via experimentation and Logbook entries wouldn’t be easier.

Imagine all the button-pushing needed to discover all of this for a 4-button remote-control:

I would argue there is great value in this feature as some devices, trigger more then the automation exposes in the GUI.

Here is an example of a switch that sends functions that the Automation doesn’t list as options. If I could click the logbook entry and make an event trigger from it, it would be a huge time saver and make the product more beginner friendly.