๐Ÿ—“ Create basic calendar entries from the UI

Add the ability to create simple entries into a default Home Assistant Calendar.
Fields to include:

  • Title
  • Date + time
  • Repeat?

Future enhancements could include these fields:

  • Description
  • Guests (home assistant users)
  • Location (home assistant zones)
  • Home Assistant devices to notify (call-service). This could probably just be left to an Automation.
  • Advanced repeat functionality as seen below

The is a new local calendar integration that is working, but still pretty barebones. If anyone has the ability and willingness to help move it forward, it might help solve this and quite a few other related WTHs.

Iโ€™m already adding this to core: Local calendar, calendar event mutation APIs, and recurring events ยท Discussion #797 ยท home-assistant/architecture ยท GitHub and have been working on it for a few months