Create Blueprint with variable triggers?

Hi! I’m creating a Blueprint to template my Automations.

I have a set of triggers, but lots of different kinds of buttons and motion sensors to set as those triggers.

I saw that inputs can be conditions and actions, but not triggers. I was hoping to make an input that accepted a list of triggers; I don’t care what kind. Then I’d set the Trigger ID in the Blueprint based on the triggers you selected.

Is it possible to do that?

Apparently, the selectors in Blueprints aren’t the same as Fields. Well then, even more reason to get these being editable from Lovelace UI.

  name: My Automation Blueprint
  description: An example Blueprint with trigger inputs

      name: Trigger

So, let this hang for a while, waiting for a question. Do you have a question, or was this just a vent?

If you would like to, you could do an FR :thinking:
Please read the pinned post for further information…