Create button sensors for Z-Wave scene controllers

Z-Wave scene controllers (like this and this) are basically remote controls that can be used to do things around your HA instance, depending what you’ve assigned the buttons to do.

However, currently the only way to capture the actions of scene controller buttons is to listen for the event associated with the type of button push.

In addition to sending events, the default configuration of these devices should set up sensor entities for each button, with the state changing depending on whether the button is being pressed or not and how the button is being pressed.

I’ve already worked out how to do something similar using helpers and some automations to convert the events to entity states, but this is janky and not accessible to new users.

This change would make these convenient scene controllers far more accessible to more of the community.

There is an excellent blueprint for the remotec, I have about a dozen around the house, works perfectly, you can assign 3 types of push for each button.