Create button that executes an URL


I have an APC (switched rack pdu) with 8 power outlets. These Outlets, I can control remotely by opening a web page internally (
Everytime I open the page, the power is enabled / disabled on the outlet.
Works fine but it would be nice if I can create a button in my Home Assistant with the same functionality.
So my question is, can I create a button in my Home Assistant View with the same functionality? I don’t need to see the web page because it doesn’t give me anything. It just needs to execute the web URL request or open the web page internally and than the power outlet gets power or stops getting power.

Any suggestions ??
Tx in advance

Looks like you need to combine a Button, a RESTful Command and an automation.

Once you create the button, if you have apc outlets as sensors you may show their state in Lovelace and set Lovelace to call the url on short and long presses vs creating seperate button. Button also works though