Create Button to Change Light Brightness

hi there,

How to create button for just one click and it will change light brightness from 100% to 10% for instance.

I have this group of bulbs in my living room. I need 1 button in my dashboard to change the brightness. i.e. 2 buttons with these settings… TV Time (100% to 10%); Guest (10% (or whatever state that time) to 100%)

  1. light.wiz_tunable_white_d13c85
  2. light.wiz_tunable_white_d3d88c
  3. light.wiz_tunable_white_cb4162
  4. light.wiz_tunable_white_d3e039

thank you.

Create a light group that contains all your lights.

Add a button to your dashboard and assign the tap action as the light.turn_on service for your new group light.

You can set the brightness in the service data. See

tq sir. :+1:t2: