Create custom icon for intermediate state shutter

I’d like to add an intermediate state icon for my somfy shade cover’s “my” position. Here I recap how I got to it. Most of the information I filtered from this topic: Implement some custom icons I’ve created?
See also: MDI issue - shutter middle state

Add a new js file to:

File content is:

var icons = {
        "shutteropen": [0, 0, 24.0, 24.0, "M3 4H21V8H19V20H17V8H7V20H5V8H3V4M8"],
        "shutter25":   [0, 0, 24.0, 24.0, "M3 4H21V8H19V20H17V8H7V20H5V8H3V4M8 9H16V11H8V9M8"],
        "shutter50":   [0, 0, 24.0, 24.0, "M3 4H21V8H19V20H17V8H7V20H5V8H3V4M8 9H16V11H8V9M8 12H16V14H8V12M8"],
        "shutter75":   [0, 0, 24.0, 24.0, "M3 4H21V8H19V20H17V8H7V20H5V8H3V4M8 9H16V11H8V9M8 12H16V14H8V12M8 15H16V17H8V15M8"],
        "shutterclose":[0, 0, 24.0, 24.0, "M3 4H21V8H19V20H17V8H7V20H5V8H3V4M8 9H16V11H8V9M8 12H16V14H8V12M8 15H16V17H8V15M8 18H16V20H8V18Z"]

async function getIcon(name) {
    var svgDef = icons[name];
    var primaryPath = svgDef[4];
  return {
    path: primaryPath,
        viewBox:  svgDef[0] +" " + svgDef[1] + " " + svgDef[2] + " " + svgDef[3]
window.customIconsets = window.customIconsets || {};
window.customIconsets["custom"] = getIcon;

Add this file as a resource in the Configurations/Lovelace dashboards menu:

Restart HA core

Now the new icons are accessibble as:

  • custom:shutter25
  • custom:shutter50
  • custom:shutter75

You can try these out under the Configuration/Customization menu, setting the icon of an entity should update the icon preview immediately after typing.

When changing content of the js file, I had trouble making it effective. Finally I renamed the js file and added as a new resource.

it’s much easier just using thomasloven’s fontawesome custom integration. You simply drop the svgs into a folder and go.