Create entities that remain across reboots (and have "history")

I create some custom entities (mostly in the platform sensor or binary_sensor) with a lot of attributes from either Appdaemon scripts or Tasker from the phone.

But these are apparently “second class” entities to Home Assistant. At least, they have no “history”, and they disappear upon restart.

Is there a way to make them more “official” to Home Assistant, so they will have a “history” I can check, and so they remain after restart?

Add them to the recorder.
I think all entities are added to recorder by default, but maybe you have tinkered with the recorder config?

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

I actually noticed, just setting the AppDaemon scripts to run on startup mostly fixes it for the ones set there. So now it’s just the ones created by Tasker that don’t persist. I’ll check if they remain the next time I get one of those texts, and report back.