Create entity from private ip address

I have some Nooie smart plugs. Currently there is no integration with Nooie and the devices are not automatically picked up by HA.
Is there any way to add a device / entity as a generic switch using it’s IP address?

Many thanks


Not just by it’s ip address, you have to find how to communicate with it. What do you know about this device?

Looks like the are Tuya plugs, so may integrate with HA using the Tuya component.

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Trying to do something similar and integrate nooie smart wifi bulb in HA but no luck so far :frowning: tried Tuya integration within HA but did not work as it’s not the Tuya app used. Will try yaml configuration next.

Hi. I connect using the Nooie app. Annoyingly google home can integrate with them so I was trying to see if I could use that route but without any luck. These are the actual plugs Nooie Smart Plug WiFi Outlet Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Wireless Socket Remote Control Timing Function No Hub Required 4-Pack

Have you tried using the tuya app, and then using the tuya integration.

I tell ya what I feel a bit daft now. The tuya integration has done the trick. I can’t thank you enough


Hi! - Thanks everyone it worked!

Super appreciate the quick feedback and solution. Got these bulbs connected with Tuya App, and then integrated it in HA with Tuya integration - very easy.


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