Create Helper (e.g. Input_Select) via Homeassistant RestAPI

another Newbie question, but I’m progressing :slight_smile:

I’m trying to find a way to create and manage various helper entities. Actually I want to create the entity (if not existing) and add some attributes to it.

I tried this via the REST API, and I can actually change attributes, and if this entity is not existing it creates it. That would be absolutely great, but finally I’m facing two issues:

  • I tried with an input_select, but when selecting HomeASsistant gives me a Warning in the log. The Warning is not nice, but even worst, it’s not doing anything
  • Then I restart HA, all my Rest-API created helpers are gone.

Reading a bit further I do believe that such state/attribute manipulations are just as long persistent as nothing changes (e.g. state change of the entity, or reboot of HA).

Are the any ideas how I can actually create and modify helper entities?


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