Create High/Low Switch from Off/On?

Is it possible to have a switch read high/low instead of off/on? I integrating a Hot Tub and it has a heating mode switch but the on/off doesn’t make immediate sense.

If you build a binary_sensor on your switch, you can assign the class heat (or cold) and you’ll see

  • heat: on means hot, off means normal
  • cold: on means cold, off means normal

Okay, so I’d then need to create a virtual switch to display in a card?

The way I’d do is like so:

Create a template binary_sensor, based on your switch

  - binary_sensor:
    - name: hottub
      state: >
        {{ states("switch.hottub") }}
      device_class: heat

And use it into the card.
But it will not activate the switch for you, you’ll have to write something like an automation to turn the real switch on/off
I know that there is something called Template Switch but can’t still figure out what it is used for.