Create Home Assistant Assist sentences in Node Red

Today I discovered that that you can create your own HA assist command in Node Red on the fly. I was looking in the nodes bar on the left and I found this
I initially was thinking it might be something difficult to figure out or even not work, but it works incredibly well. When you go to set it up

you litteraly just put the sentence you want to tell assist and if it matches then it processes it and it continues down the flow. I also like that you can put what ever response you would like to out put also.

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Have you used this ?

Your explanation doesn’t match with my understanding of the Node-RED Help for the Sentence node, or the example given - and I am having trouble getting this node to fire.

I have got it working now - a Node-RED Sentence node is being triggered if the sentence is said to HA Voice Assist …

but …

  1. The Sentence node specifies and requires a response - before Node-RED has had a chance to do anything.
  2. The NR Sentence documentation refers to the HA Automation Sentence … which seems to work differently - certainly re using the information which is returned.
  3. How can a response be sent to the satellite which initiated the voice command ?