Create JAG/TI WIndChill sensor

I was looking for the error but couldn’t find it. Not sure this is the correction needed though? I thought ** meant factorization? According to the documentation it should be multiplication by 0.16?


cool. and indeed, and then be able to use them only pointing to the needed variables, without having to do with the ugly math… :wink: just like the Mold-indicator. Need some Python for that don’t we?

I was talking about adding them as examples to the template sensor docs.

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sure, if it would be of help to the fellow community, let;s do! (the python sensor would be nice to have though)

added some fun to the sensors, and showing the both entities they are made of also. Might be possible to have these show up as extra_data_template, havent tried yet:

    - entity_id: sensor.br_wind_speed
    - entity_id: sensor.br_temperature
    theme: >
      if (entity.state < 0) return 'blue'; else return 'green';

    - entity_id: sensor.br_wind_speed
    - entity_id: sensor.br_temperature
    theme: >
      if (entity.state < 0) return 'blue'; else return 'green';


According to documentation the 0.16 is an exponent, not a multiplier.

The correct formula according to wikipedia is:
13.12 + 0.6215*T - 11.37*V**0.16 + 0.3965*T*V**0.16

So the template should look something like this:

(13.12 +
0.6215*float(states.sensor.yr_temperature.state) -
11.37*(float(states.sensor.yr_wind_speed.state)*3.6)**0.16 +
0.3965*float(states.sensor.yr_temperature.state)*(float(states.sensor.yr_wind_speed.state)*3.6)**0.16) | round(2)

I’ve tested this against this page, and it seems to give the same values:

Note also that the wind chill formula is only valid for temperatures below +10C and wind speed above 3.0 mph (4.8 km/h / 1.34 m/s) so the template should also add some logic operations.

thanks for getting back to this. I have found several formulas of the same Jag/Ti also … Implemented the one you mention for some time now, forgot to mention here.

Depending on the various climatological conditions, the end results differ more. Or less, is is shown today.

I use them all 3 and test for myself before walking the dogs ;=)

- platform: template
      value_template: "{{ (13.12 + 0.6215*float(states.sensor.br_temperature.state) + 
                        0.3965*(float(states.sensor.br_temperature.state) - 28.676) *
                  (float(states.sensor.br_wind_speed.state)*3.6)**0.16) | round(2) }}"
      unit_of_measurement: "°C"
      friendly_name: Jag/Ti Wchill

# Tchill(°C) = 13,12 + 0,6215*Tair + 0.3965*(Tair - 28,676)*S10m0,16
# S10m = windspeed (km/h) at anemometer_height = 10 m, Tair in °C

      value_template: "{{(13.12 +0.6215*float(states.sensor.br_temperature.state) -
                          11.37*(float(states.sensor.br_wind_speed.state)*3.6)**0.16 +
                   (float(states.sensor.br_wind_speed.state)*3.6)**0.16) | round(2) }}"
      unit_of_measurement: "°C"
      friendly_name: Jag/Ti Wchill v2

#G  =13,12+0,6215*T-11,37*(W*3,6)^0,16+0,3965*T*(W*3,6)^0,16

#Invoerveld T = Temperatuur in Graden Celsius
#Invoerveld W = Wind in meter / seconde

      value_template: "{{ (1.41 - 1.162*float(states.sensor.br_wind_speed.state) + 
                        0.98*float(states.sensor.br_temperature.state) + 
                        0.124*float(states.sensor.br_wind_speed.state)**2 +
                        float(states.sensor.br_temperature.state)) | round(2) }}"
      unit_of_measurement: "°C"
      friendly_name: Steadman Wchill
# Tchill(°C) = 1.41 - 1.162*S + 0.98*Tair+0.0124*S2 + 0.0185*S*Tair
# Tair in °C en S= in m/s.


after testing this for several weeks, and the double Jagti sensor above, i must conclude they are the same, though with ‘old’ and ‘new’ officials calculations…
To lazy to really check, but i will ditch the old one :wink: