Create link to devices dashboard with preconfigured filter

Currently I have a Zigbee Hub integrated via Homekit Controller, this hub has about 30 smart switches (with programmable buttons) and I would like to create a shortcut to see them all without having to filter them all the time.

By going to the Integrations Dashboard there is a link under the integration that is “xx devices”, that takes me to the Devices Dashboard filtering only the devices of that particular integration.

The URL is this:

The problem is that it also shows me the hub and other devices (like light bulbs), so I need a URL with a query that filters only devices that are from a specific model (TERNCY-WS01-D1).

It would also be great if they were sorted by area instead of device name.

Anyone knows how I could edit the URL above to give me what I need?

create an entities card, with all the switches you want.
Put them on a blank lovelace tab.
The url will be…


The switches don’t create entities, and there is no card that accepts devices

It would if HA created entities for each of the buttons, but it doesn’t.

Each switch has 4 buttons with 3 triggers each, so 30x4x3 = 360 usable triggers.

It’s going to be a nightmare to find and maintain what each button does.

I hate that HA doesn’t create entities for stateless switches, and that Homekit doesn’t have a toggle light on/off option. Creating a shortcut each time with an if statement just to use the same button to toggle the light is stupid and time consuming.

Both options sucks. Still undecided what would be the least bothersome way to manage all these switches :tired_face:

Set them up as an automation or a script(not sure if that is possible, the integration only says automations.)


cards can take automations and scripts.

That link above is there only, or different ones for each bunch of switches?

Zigbee dongle in the future?

I guess that would help a little to see what each button is doing, but not easy to setup a new automation for an unused trigger.

Zigbee dongle wouldn’t help here since I need the manufacture’s app to use the smart switches full feature set.

They are not your typical smart switches. They can be used for smart and dumb lights, so if I connect smart bulbs to any of the circuits I can go to the app and set it to be “always on” and nobody can cut the power to my smart bulbs. When I do that, the button becomes a programmable stateless switch to control the smart bulb, or anything you want for that matter.

Really cleaver, but not mainstream, so it’s hard to find a solution to keep things organized.