Create link to open particular lovelace url on android?

Hi everybody,

I was wondering whether it was possible to create a deep link on android that will allow users to click it and – if they have the home assistant app installed - will be directed to a particular lovelace url.

So let’s say I have http://hass.local:8123/dashboard-shared/all-users as the default page that all users see when they login, and http://hass.local:8123/dashboard-shared/overview as the page I want.

I could utilize Home Assistant companion to do this, but I usually use signal to send notifications to users. Can there be some kind of link that will point to a lovelace URL within the home assistant android app?

The Companion App seems to be capable of this, so I am quite positive there must be a way to link to lovelace from any app, I would just need the right deep link, correct?

What would it be for the above mentioned overview url?


First off, as I mentioned above, I use signal for notifications; so I’d love to just integrate URLs to lovelace within my existing automations / notifications without switching the service.

Secondly, while 500 notifications per day (as of May 2024) seems like more than enough for my needs, I just don’t feel comfortable having any limit. What if, for whatever reason, this limit was exceeded by too many notifications, or if nabu casa lowered the amount of notifications per day from 500 to 50 at some point? Then some important notifications might not be delivered.

Again, this is not likely in my case, but still, if I can achieve the same thing with signal, I’d just prefer to do it this way.

Thank you for your input :slight_smile: