Create my own smart meter


I want to start a project to develop my own smart meter.
I would like to measure the Main circuit and the sub circuits (bedrooms, kitchen).
I did some research and I found these Raspberry Pi add-ons.

Raspberry Pi smart meter

Anyone know this add-ons.

Are you using Home Assistant or openHAB?

You created accounts in both community forums, just a few hours ago, and posted the same question with the same link.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive solution for Home Assistant, you might find this to be useful:

I’d be curious to learn more. But that web site is very short on details. I can’t even download the manual. About the only thing on there is a link to PayPal to buy the device. Without seeing any specifications at all.

I found a link with more information.

Raspberry Pi smart meter

Do you think it would be easy to integrate with Home Assistant?

I want to measure the Main circuit and the sub circuits (bedrooms, kitchen, …) at least 6.
How many PZEM-004 and NodeMcu do I need?

If you plan to monitor 6 separate circuits then using a PZEM-004 for each circuit might not be the best solution. I suggest you research the OpenEnergyMonitor forum: