Creating a dimmer with custom codesend commands RF/433mhz

I started using Home Assistant not too long ago, when I got a Google Home.
The Home Assistant is linked to my Telldus Znet Lite v1 (via Telldus Live) to control my 433 Mhz sockets.

Now I’m starting to look further into Home Assistant.
One of the devices is a LED strip. It’s turned on/off with a 433 mhz socket via Telldus. I’d like to keep it that way. But I also have a RF remote/dimmer on it. It looks like this:

The Raspberry running HA has got a cheap 433Mhz transmitter/receiver connected via GPIO. I have been able to sniff the codes from the remote with 433Utils (RF_sniffer).

Since this kind of setup won’t get any status feedback from the dimmer, I’d like to create a dimmer with three levels. 25%/50%/100%. I would also like to keep the on/off functionality via Telldus, if it’s possible.

I found some code and managed to run the on/off RF command for the LED strip, with HA. That code looks like this.

        - platform: command_line
              command_on: ./home/pi/433Utils/RPi_utils/codesend 2898433
              command_off: ./home/pi/433Utils/RPi_utils/codesend 2898433

But, as mentioned before, I’m not really interested in on/off via codesend.

To summarize, I need a three level dimmer switch that sends:
25% ./home/pi/433Utils/RPi_utils/codesend 2898441
25% ./home/pi/433Utils/RPi_utils/codesend 2898440
100% ./home/pi/433Utils/RPi_utils/codesend 2898439
I’d like it to be merged with the existing device (LED-strip) automatically created via the discovery component for Telldus live.
On/off should go to Telldus and brightness setting to codesend.

Did you find any solution for this? I am facing the same issue.

No I didn’t. I never pursued it further.