Creating a entity for sleeping

Hi guys!

I want to create a entity that I can toggle using a nfc tag.
Why that? So I can scan it when going to bed so it will first check if i’m asleep/in bed before turning on my lights when motion is detected.

What is the best way to obtain this?
I also want to use my google home to toggle the same state, is that easy too?

Thanks in advance!

What is the advantage of using a phone or smartwatch to scan an nfc over a pushbutton? I see only downsides.

I usually watch tv in bed before sleeping so I made automation to tun off lamp when I turn off tv at night.

I get you want to know some state, but why NFC? So you can’t go to sleep because you need to charge your phone first? I use this to set an inut select helper for Home, Asleep, Away, Vacation, and I also have a sensor that detects if I’m in bed.

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One simple $15 ZigBee button on my night stand…

Single press (weekdays), put house in sleep mode (scene), set Alarm through Alexa on my nightstand Echo 8 and announce that it has done so, turn off final bedroom lights 2 minutes later… sleep.

Long Single press (weekends), put house in sleep mode, NO alarm set with Alexa, turn off last lights… sleep.

Double Press (every morning), cancel alarm through Alexa, announce local weather forecast… shower.

And there is obviously much more that can be added to the Automations, while my Android phone is already in its charging base by this point, so no need to scan NFC or anything.

Just my $.02.

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The ‘toggle’ for ‘sleep mode’ you would do it as a boolean helper.

How you activate / deactivate it can be all of the above. NFC/buttons/automations/bed sensors/companion app sleep info.etc.

Personally I trigger mine with bed sensors… Its magical. Get in bed after X time (controlled by a datetime helper) and 30 seconds later the lights start to go down. :wink:

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Where did you get this switch? Also do you know if the icons customizable?

The switch is an ordinary Aqara Opple, the icons are just stickers I got a long time ago from Homewizard. You cannot buy them anymore there I’m afraid.

Good quality printer + transparent labels + MDI icons work great. (this is in one of my Zooz Zen32 scene controllers)

I would create a Helper call “bedtime”

then build the automations around that helper.

then once happy with it use the NFC to toggle helper ON

then when you automate the bedroom lights when you LONG press it would toggle the bedtime helper

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Sorry to OT but where do you get transparent labels? And do you print with laser or inkjet?

Hobby store, Nick. Silhouette clear sticker paper. It will be near the Cricuit/Silhouette stuff. I use a color laser. That’s 50% gray on clear.

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