Creating a new device tracker for Ruckus Unleashed

I am currently running Ruckus Unleashed which is basically like an embedded WLC on relative cheap Ruckus Access Points for small wireless deployments.
Unfortunately it doesn’t support an API and neither does the SNMP give any result for currently active wireless stations (stations as in laptops, phones et cetera).
What I did find was an command on the (SSH-) CLI for which I could create an regular expression.
I want to try to create a new device tracker using this. Now I have never created something for HA before and I was wondering if there is some kind of blueprint and/or starting point for me to dig into.
As a reference here is the output I got on the CLI:

    Mac Address= 00:11:22:33:44:55
    Host Name= THE_HOSTNAME
    Access Point= aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff
    BSSID= aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff
    Connect Since=2019/10/15 18:55:49
    Auth Method= Open
    VLAN= 1
    Channel= 6
    Radio= 802.11g
    Signal= 44
    Status= Authorized

did you have any success?

Nope. Don’t know where to start.

Hi! I have created a ruckus unleashed binding for openhab using the cli. It supports online/offline notifications, basic client info and the option to block/unblock clients. I will soon publish the code.
I’ll let you know once it is on github. You will be able to reuse scripts and parts of the code.

Awesome! Thanks. That could be a nice starting point :+1:t2: