Creating a page with all scenes within an area

I would like to create a page (popup form) with buttons with all scenes in a specific area.

The auto-entities card in combination with the custom:button-card might be a good option for this, but I have some trouble with selecting the scenes in area using the auto-entities.

I linked all scenes in the scene editor to a specific area and then used the following lovelace yaml code to select all scenes:

type: custom:auto-entities
  type: entities
    - area: Living Room
      domain: scene
        type: custom:button-card

This however selects also scenes in other areas. I also changed to domain: light, and it then indeed selects all lights in that room, so correctly. Maybe I did something wrong, or it is a bug related to scenes or there is another way to accomplish this (creating an automated page with all scenes within an area).

I also tried this with the template filter, but there you are not able to assign card options for the result of that filter.

Can you please help me how to create a page/view of buttons for all the scenes within an area?


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