Creating a simple morning/night automation for lights

I’m new to this, but I don’t really get how I can configure something like turning on the light, that is, 433MHz switches, at a specific time and then off at another. The webui is confusing. Should I drop using it and instead fiddle with the config files, or am I just getting it wrong?

Same to me - I’m only using config files instead of the WebUI, but basically it is working.

Personally I’m working a lot of with the calendar components and doing it like that:

- alias: balcony_light_turn_on_scene_standard
    platform: sun
    event: sunset
    offset: -00:30
        - condition: and
          - condition: state
            entity_id: binary_sensor.tracker_family_presence
            state: 'on'
    service: script.outdoor_scene_standard
- alias: outdoor_light_turn_off_by_calendar
    platform: state
    entity_id: calendar.homeassistant_sleeptimer_outdoor
    from: 'on'
    to: 'off'   
    service: light.turn_off
      - light.balkony

No worries - I fiddled around with the config, just time how, weekdays or dates etc later. This works.

  • action:
    • data:
      entity_id: switch.staalampe_top
      service: switch.turn_on
    • data:
      entity_id: switch.staalampe_spot
      service: switch.turn_on
    • data:
      entity_id: switch.bordlampe_sorvest
      service: switch.turn_on
    • data:
      entity_id: switch.bordlampe_nordvest
      service: switch.turn_on
      alias: Morgenstemning
      condition: []
      id: ‘1519857108854’
    • at: 06:00
      platform: time

Here’s how you would do it in the Web UI.
Create 2 automations, 1 for turning the lights on, and another for turning lights off.
Trigger used is time, simply specifiy at which time you want the action to be triggered.
Then call a service for turning the lights on.

You could add a condition which checks if the light is already on, so the automation would not be triggered.

Very basic example for turning light on :

It’d be nice if the GUI had a way to copy/duplicate an automation…

That’s a great suggestion. You could post a feature request for this idea.

Thanks for the link - posted one there