Creating a toggle switch for on and off scripts

I used to be the laziest when it came to controlling my bedroom fan. I just had on/off buttons in the Home Assistant dashboard. Sounds fine, but it got messy real quick, especially when I tried to use it from different places. A real headache!

The answer? A toggle switch! Yeah, I know, not the fanciest thing, but it’s a game-changer. Now, I’ve got this handy toggle switch that does the fan magic for me. No more fumbling with buttons, no more confusion. I know many people have read about it in the community, but the solutions are just all over the place, and it’s hard to find a quick and short guide on how to do it - so I’ve spilled the beans on how I did, basically:

Step 1: Create custom scripts to control your devices.

Step 2: Set up a toggle switch helper for a more intuitive user interface.

Step 3: Craft an automation that responds to the toggle switch’s state changes.

You can get the YAML configurations and read about it in my latest blog post - Creating a Smart Home Toggle Switch for Home Assistant.


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thanks super helpful

Yes, Thanks for this.
After some playing around though, you don’t need to create the scripts. You can do the service call directly in the automation configuration.