Creating Virtual Switches

I’m new to HA but have been using OpenHab for several years. I got used to the idea of making virtual switches to control automations. Because I use OpenHab and now HA, to actually automate my home; the availability of virtual switches is very handy. (I moved to HA because OpenHab was not keeping up with changes to new integrations and device recognition)

For example, I have a routine that lights up a room when someone enters. I don’t want this for everything, just for when the maids are cleaning. Since they do not come during a specific time, and I’m not always home, being able to set a switch when I leave the house to govern this routine is very handy.

Another option is to use such a switch to disable some/all automations when there are workers around or I’m just away for a couple of days. Again, each routine would need to test this switch but that is easy.

I also automated heaters, fans, and blinds based on light, temperature, and sun location. But I also want to disable them when needed.

What do you all think? Is this something that is really needed or am I just one of the few with the desire to automate my house rather than just control it?


NOTE: After trying the “fix” provided by Tom_I, I have it working as expected. My failure was that I forgot that there are more than “adding card to dashboard” to get something to show up. I feel silly that I just did not edit the card and add the item. I guess being in too big a hurry to think was my downfall. Thanks to those who posted and I’ll try and slow down and think things through a bit better (NOT).

You can use a toggle helper for The same purpose.

I tried that but it seems a bit clunky. I want to have it show up as a switch so I can quickly see status. As indicated, I’m new to HA and there are a few things I’m still learning. a.k.a Helpers

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Input boolean helpers do show up as toggle switches.

Create one called 'Maids Working". Add it to your dashboard an also add it as a condition to your automations.

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I’ll give it a try. I recall doing this a couple of days ago but it did not work as expected. Since I had other things needing attention, this was put aside. I looked on the forum before adding this as a feature to be sure it was not already addressed. I guess I did not look enough.

Thank you for the info. I have more time now so will work on it tonight. If it works as you describe, it should meet my needs.


Is there a guide to creating this “Input Boolean Helper” ? I clicked on “create helper” and don’t see that item in the list of options.

It is called “Toggle” in the helper UI.

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I found it and it’s working well. I used it to bypass Apple’s requirement to have your phone unlocked and pressing on a confirmation popup to control a home alarm system ( I think it applies to locks, too). If you instead have a button , say “Alarm off Button” trigger the alarm turning off action instead of doing it directly, it doesn’t ask you to “continue on your phone” .

I’ll be sad if Apple ever disables this work around.