Creation of new sensor entities from Scrypted and MQTT?

(complete MQTT newbie here)

I have HA running on a Yellow and separately run Scrypted NVR on a Mac Mini Server, with Scrypted integrated into HA to view camera feeds. From what I can find from various searches, it should be possible via MQTT to have Scrypted send object-detection events so that they can show up as a sensor entity in HA – but I can’t figure out how to make everything work together.

Things I’ve done so far:

  1. Install the MQTT plugin for Scrypted (@scrypted/mqtt - npm)

  2. Install the MQTT broker add-on in HA

  3. Install the MQTT integration in HA

From here how do I tell Scrypted to “send” object-detection events, and how do I set up HA to receive them? The documentation for MQTT in HA is overwhelming and the documentation for the Scrypted plugin is nonexistent…