Creation of some helpers unavailable in GUI

I am trying to create some helpers using GUI. However, some entity types are unavailable for creation. I suspect that all those unavailable are the ones where I have previously created helpers in yaml.
There was not much that cannot easily be recreated in GUI so I wanted to move everything to a single yaml-free interface. What I have done so far is:

  • Deleted the helpers in the GUI
  • Deleted all references to yaml-helpers from configuration.yaml
  • Deleted all input_* files from the .storage folder
  • Checked the core.entity_registry-file
  • Finally sought through the entire config-directory; no traces of input_* anywhere anymore.

The only thing I can think of now is some kind of setting stating that a manual helper-entry exists for those particular types which disables creation through the GUI.
Does anyone have a clue?




Does your configuration.yaml file contain


If it doesn’t, and you have chosen to specify each integration represented by default_config separately, then your configuration.yaml file is probably missing


Of course! That was it! :smiley:
Thanks Taras!

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FWIW, this issue is familiar to me because I also don’t use default_config and had eliminated unused helpers from the config file.

I will read that documentation and memorise it :grin::+1::nerd_face: