Crestron TSW-1060 as a dashboard


Super basic, home user with the power of Google-ing and trial and error I got my HA up and running pretty well.

Based on the previous post about a Crestron TSW-1060 for a dashboard I jumped on board and have a pretty decent setup for around $50.00, screen and tabletop mount. I’ve got the firmware upgraded and pointed toward my “Kitchen Counter” dashboard and am tinkering on ways to integrate it more.

Have a question, or more of a curiosity…

I also dabble with the Grocy integration and like that we can just scan a barcode once we’re out of an item and it’s added to the list. Could the webcam on the TSW-1060 be used for this purpose? So far when I open the Grocy app on the TSW and try ‘Scan’ like on mobile devices it doesn’t appear to recognize the presence of the cam at all.

Is this a limitation of the way the TSW is being used or something else beyond my lowly skills to overcome?

Thank you!


If permissions are setup correctly via the devices settings to allow access to the camera for app’s that are installed then it should be able to use it, if its not working even with the permissions set then it may be more work in order to get it working.