Critical Flaw - Philips Hue no longer supporting scan_interval


I recently discovered that the Philips Hue component has been updated when I noticed my automation’s were taking a long time to trigger. Looking into it, I am now noticing that I cannot change the scan_interval (polling frequency) for Hue lights…

I think this was a huge under sight not to make sure this was included in the update. When it comes to lighting with multiple sources of control (ie. wall switches, motion detectors, alexa, phones, etc…) having the ability to modify your polling rate is critical to the successful operation of lighting focused automation’s etc…

I really hope the right people see this, and are able to help out the folks that rely on Home Assistant and the Philips Hue ecosystem.

Thank you,

3/12/18 Update: Created issue on GitHub.


Do you find any solution for this issue?

Have you read the GitHub Issue linked above?