Critical notification not getting through DND

I’m trying to get an alarm even if my phone is on DND.

Right now I’m playing around in the developer console with the following:

service: notify.mobile_app_redmi_note_9s
  title: "Wake up!"
  message: "The house is on fire and the cat's stuck in the dryer!"
        name: "default"
        critical: 1
        volume: 1.0

I get a notification but no vibration nor sound - how can that be ?

Looks correct.

You need to also enable it in notification settings for the home assistant app (this is for the Ring App but you get the idea):

Thanks for the quick answer tom, I’ve tried to change some of the android app settings and can see that there’s different channels in the settings with their own settings . I’ll try to take a look at it again later.

Oh you’re using the android app. Sorry I only know where the setting is in iOS.

Here, read this:

Looks like you need to create a notification channel.

I ended up doing like this:

service: notify.mobile_app_redmi_note_9s
  title: Alarm!
  message: Nogen er i huset!
    channel: "alarm_stream"
    importance: high
    ttl: 0

It works … sometimes . When my phone is not sleeping too hard . Sometimes it will first notify me when I turn on the screen, so thats not very useful . Anyway thanks for the help Tom!