Crono-Thermostat with multiple zone

Hi all, I want to share with community my config, automation and lovelace configuration for a simple, but powerful, crono-thermostat (possibility to choose between 2 Target Temperature) with multiple zones (ex. First Floor and Second Floor with separate target temperature).
I’ve create 2 target temperature (Temperature 1 = high temperature, Temperature 2 = low temperature) and you can decide for each hour of each day if the target have to be the first or the second, separately for each zone.

You’ll need:

  1. Raspberry or other, with bluetooth and 433mhz receiver
  2. One sonoff to on/off the zone valves
  3. One 12V 433mhz receiver to tell heater to heat (depending on cases it maybe also a sonoff)
  4. 2 thermometer (I used Xiaomi LYWSDCGQ but every one home-assistant compatible will be good)

You’ve to install 4 custom community addons:


Since here I can post only few characters you can download the code (config, automations and lovelace) here:

That’s all.

If you want to change target temperature you’ve to use slider and automations will update thermostat every 1 minute. If you change directly in thermostat your value will be ovewritten by the Slider value.

To change the target temp between temp 1 and temp 2 you’ve to use the buttons in second lovelace tab: red thermometer = Temperature 1, blue thermometer = Temperature 2).