Crontab reset after reboot

I followed the guide to make a Dropbox backup.
I installed python3 and the script works fine manually.
Now I would like to create a cron job, but if I edit crontab in
crontab -e
vi string:
0 3 * * * python3 /config/script/
after reboot the task is deleted (reset)

What I have to do?

Bumping this.

same here, too, 5 years later…
my crontab gets a reset every reboot - I have tabs (no spaces) in it.
I used contab -e to edit

I don’t know if this will really help or not, but here is a thread I made a note of that might be useful:

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I’ve found your thread before, thanks for sharing.

I don’t know if the crontab gets a reset on a HA-Raspberry Pi or if it’s just me. WWhy isn’t crond started generally anyways.
I’ll try yours but I’d hoped for a simpler solution.