Crop image file

Ability to crop an image.

I have a camera which I use the camera.snapshot service to take a still image JPEG every hour and display it in the HA front end. I want to be able to crop the image as I am only interested in a relatively small portion of captured image (sits over my pool controller which reports pH and chlorine levels and the state of the controller).

This can be done with an FFMPEG option ‘crop=500:200:100:400’ (crop the image to a 500 pixels x 200 pixels image, start 100 pixels from the left and 400 pixels from the top). I use HASSIO, so can’t make a call to FFMPEG directly.

Having the capability to crop the image down to only the section I need would be great if it could be done.

This would be great to have the ability directly in the snapshot service but for now, I use the Camera Proxy to achieve the same thing so the snapshots are limited to 1280 x 720.