Cross Switching replacement with sonoff

i’m renovating a older home and i’m looking to replace the switch in hall way for the lighting in it, with sonoff smart switches, the wall mount kind. now i’m kinda stuck here, I have a cross way switching setup currently


like in the picture above, How ever i’m stuck on how to replace this I was thinking about a master and slave setup since i would like to add a 4 switch to the system. Is there a way to make one switch the master connected to the light and have the other switch talk to it to turn it off or on via mqtt ?

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I do have this setup. I use a Shelly 1 between the last switch and the light.

Hope you can help me out here too…

I’ve got the same situation, but how did you identify what the last switch is?


Consider converting into momentary switches. It makes things way easier. then the smart switch can be located anywhere in the chain of switches. But must be between the chain and a bulb

Will that also work with this set up? That’s the way it’s wired now.

Yes it will. You replace the 3 switches with momentary ones.

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I think they call them ‘pulse switches’ in The Netherlands.

But to be honest 220v installations are a bit new to me; are there momentary switches available with these 4 connections to wire it exactly as the current situation or should it be wired differently?

multiple connection switches are needed in case of using toggle switches.
When opting-in for momentary ones, simple ones are enough

Here are differences:


Part on the top shows only 2 toggle switches. If there are more, those in-the-middle ones must be multi-pole ones.

When using momentary (bottom image), doesn’t matter number of switches, all if them are the same, single-pole momentary