Crow Runner Alarm interface using an esp8266 and Home Assistant

I made an interface for Crow Runner Alarm using an esp8266.


GitHub - MadDoct/ESP-CrowAlarmInterface: Interface for Crow Runner 8/16 Alarm…

Interface for Crow Runner 8/16 Alarm System using an ESP8266 connected to CLK and DAT lines usually used by the Keypads - GitHub - MadDoct/ESP-CrowAlarmInterface: Interface for Crow Runner 8/16 Ala…

It uses an ESP8266 (Wemos D1 mini) to interface with the Crow Runner 8/16 using the DAT and CLK lines. You only need a Wemos D1 mini, 4 resistors or a logic level converter and 2 wires. And a power source for the Wemos, obviously… :wink:
It reports active zones, triggered zones and alarm status using MQTT.
It also allows activation of the alarm using the bus or emulated keyswitches.
This makes it easily usable with Home Assistant using “MQTT Alarm Control Panel”

In the Github page you will find the code, more info and the example “MQTT Alarm Control Panel” configurations.

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Dear MadDoctor!

I am very happy because I have been looking for a solution to make Crow Runner 16 smart for a long time.
I am very new to ESP programming (but enthusiastic), as well as to soldering. Could you send a schematic diagram or photo how can i solder the resistors (and what type of resistors)? If you have any documentation, I would be very happy with it!


Hi. You would probably be better off using the logic level converter instead of the resistors… Those are pretty straight forward to use… Personally I’m using mosfets in a custom soldered perfboard, but that may be a little complex for your case.
There is some more information in the github I linked above…

Ok! Thanks again! Great job!

Just out of curiosity, did you implement this @Gabor_Keve ?

Hello @maddoctor !

I bought all the component, but I don’t have much time during this period. :frowning:

Maybe after Christmas! :slight_smile:


Thanks for this.
Im about to give it a crack to an Avolution panel (its a crow runner rebranded).
Just a question with the CLK and DAT lines, did you run in parallel with the existing keypad?
Also is there a 5v source you tapped into to power the wemos mini?

You can run it in parallel… :wink:
I used a step-down to power the wemos

thanks Mate.
yep just waiting for my Buck converter to come.
Already configured the wemos and it is registering to my MQTT broker.
I also modified your file to be in English instead of Portuguese.

So… i have it hooked as follows
5v pin on wemos going to +ve out on buck converter 5v and high +ve on level converter
3.3v pin from the wemos to the low +ve on the level converter
Pins d5 and d6 on the wemos to lv3 and lv4 on the line converter and hv3 and hv4 to data clk
Gnd from wemos on -ve output of buck converter ,and both grounds on line converter.
When i hooked it up on 5v started to smoke. Not sure if i have it wired wrong or the 12v i sent to it beforehand fried the wemos.

Is that wiring right?

Can you post a picture?
If you sent 12v to the wemos before, you definitely fried it…

Here is the pic taken out. Just want to make sure its right befire i fry another wemos.

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Hello Firend! My Wemos just arrived, please let me know if it works for you. I have Crow 16. Also what software should i program onto the Wemos? How will HA know how to connect to it ?

It looks to be OK, as long as the output of that converter is 5v and the logic level converter is “two way”… It’s not always the case…

Read the first post in this topic. There’s the link to the github repository…