Crypto Information using Nomics API - Bitcoin, Ethereum etc

Can you show your nomicsapi (with the actual key obfuscated. Are you sure the coins are set correct in there?

Actually, try going to the address from your nomicsapi - it should return a load of json?

Really, if the key and api is correct, there isnt a lot to go wrong.


That it is what I have on secrets.yaml

Cool, a nice easy fix then. You’ve kept the angular brackets around the API Key and COINS. These needed to be removed.,ETH,LTC&interval=1h,1d,7d,30d&per-page=100&page=1&sort=first_priced_at

This works perfect. Just substitute a new API key back in.

ahhh! Ok thank you very much! :slight_smile:

It works!

But… I see it goes all sensor to unavailable every 10 seconds


After a day, I see sometimes is unavailable during most of the time, taking up to 30 minutes to retrieve new data. It is normal?

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 18.18.59

Great Job Craig. Thank you so much. It was exactly what I was looking for. But one small problem :slight_smile: When i insert the data for Dodge Coin the card is showing XRP symbol. Does somebody have the same problem or is it just me?

sorry. it was me

Sorry, I must have missed your message a couple of days ago.

Looking at the constant unknown values your having - im going to suggest that maybe you have more than one template sensor connecting to the nomics API? You are limited to 1 call per second with Nomics.

This is why I call the data for all the coins I access in one template.

Have you made multiple rest sensors? You should only have one connection to the resource. So you code shouold be something like the below, with the sensors set up from just one rest call.

  - resource: !secret nomicsapi
    scan_interval: 10
      - name: "Coin one".
      - name: "Coin two".
      - name: "Coin three".

I pull both DOGE and XRP and they both work fine so im guessing as youve figured out it was something your end :slight_smile:
You do need to call all the coins in the same rest sensor and then split them out to seperate sensors though, which can be problematic as you can only sort by market cap or the time they were first listed on nomics.
Sorting by market cap isnt ideal for anyone wanting info from various coins as it can change. So you would think sorting by the time first listed would solve this issue - however nomics only listed a load of coins last year so it falls back to sorting by market cap. Therefore, i do sometimes get my XRP and DOGE coin sensors interchange due to them having similar caps

From the guys at nomics they told me

 We started tracking the first price date about a year ago and before that we don't have data, so since you're asking about a bunch of older coins here they actually all have the same start date when we started tracking things. So then they fall back to rank sort.

I dont really understand why they therefore wont allow you to filter by first trade, first candle or first order book as they do store all this info in their API and the info is correct. I did ask if they would add any of these as potential filters but the answer was no :frowning: