CT-101 Thermostat / zwcfg_xxxxx.xml File Question

I have two CT-101 Thermostats connected thru HA. My downstairs thermostat has always given me problems where the upstairs thermostat has worked flawlessly. With the heating season kicking in I would like to finally automate my heating schedule however it seems I am unable to set the target temp on the downstairs thermostat. So I started looking at the differences in the zwcfg-xxxxx.xml file and noticed that 99% of the two are the same however there are a couple of differences that I believe may be my issue.

Right off the the bat the Manufacturer ID is slightly different. There are also a couple of other differences in the file.


<Product type=“6501” id=“b” name=“Unknown: type=6501, id=000b” />


<Product type=“6501” id=“c” name=“CT101 Thermostat (Iris)” />

So long story short, does anyone know if I can edit the zwcfg_xxxx.xml file to have them match and will this work or do I need to actually remove the downstairs thermostat from the zwave config and re-add it back in hoping it adds correctly?

So I bit the bullet and decided to remove the Thermostat from the network and re-add it back however every time I try to re-add it it keeps coming back as .

I can’t seem to get it recognized as the “CT101 Thermostat”. Anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to correct this? From what I am reading it seems that any manual changes to the zwcfg_xxx.xml file would only be temporary and get re-written when HA is restarted. Can anyone confirm that?

*edit - so this gets more interesting, the new node for the thermostat doesn’t show in the zwave configuration node list. I am unable to view it, rename it etc . .

Late answer, I just found that if you modify zwcfg while HA is running, the changes will get overwritten.
What worked for me is to stop HA, then modify the file, then restart HA

Reason I had to edit this file was that while I was setting polling intensity to a device back to zero, I noticed in the OZW logs that the device was still getting set as “polling enabled”. Inspecting the zwzcfg file showed that for whatever reason, polling_intensity for one of the sensors in the device still had my old value, it was not being reset to zero per HA’s new config.